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I am Saraansh Tandon, a 3rd year BTeach+MS by research student from
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am very
interested in the idea of adding new computer vision exercises to
Robotics-Academy. I am currently pursuing my research in computer vision
under Dr. Anoop Namboodiri, specializing in software based biometrics. I am
very well versed with all the computer vision tasks mentioned in the demo
video and many more. I have also recently submitted a paper in the IJCB
2020 conference that uses a deep learning pipeline for two simultaneous
computer vision tasks including fingerprint verification and spoof
detection. Formally I have undertaken computer vision, digital image
processing and machine learning courses too. I am experienced in working
with python and have used opencv for almost all my projects since the past
year, including my research paper.

Link to resume: Resume

I think I can contribute a lot by undertaking this project. I would be very
obliged if you could guide me through the process.

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