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Hi Vaibhav,

well done with your Form submission.

Please write in [1] your initial proposal based on the orientations at [2].
Then contact the mentors of that project (in copy), they will give you
feedback to improve your proposal until the deadline, including the "Final"
PDF proposal. There "Final" is not immutable, you can replace it until the
deadline, until the submission.

Regarding Project#1 Eduardo will not mentor it so you can safely remove him
from the email interactions. I will mentor it so include me in the

The main goal of Project#1 is to build several exercises in JdeRobot
Academy so new students may learn computer vision. From the basic image
processing (as color filtering, edge detection, optical flow...) to more
advanced ones. Take a look at several existing Computer Vision introductory
courses and think about what practical exercises would be nice for them.

Those Academy exercises should work both with regular off-the-shelf real
cameras and also with videos. Both of them using ROS drivers, so the
Academy ROS nodes for those exercises may subscribe to image ROS topics.
Working with real cameras, as webcams, is the target scenario as they are
ubiquitous and they are more illustrative than videos. Offline videos (or
ROSbags) are also desirable as they allow the evaluation of many student's
code with exactly the same visual input.


[1] https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

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> i have already filled form to contact respective mentor......
> i am interested in Project #1: Robotics Academy: new computer vision
> exercises...
> github link :  https://github.com/Infinity8sailor/jdeRobot
> looking forward for reply..... thank you
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