Welcome to my Web site!!

You are visiting the personal website of Antonio J. Reinoso Peinado. I work as an assistant professor at Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio where I lecture Operating Sytems, Database Design and Management, Computer Architecture and New Technologies for Information Systems. I am doing my research at LibreSoft Research Group and at Fundacion UAX.

Research interests and activities

My research interests include the study of open systems for producing and managing knowledge and, particularly, their implementation through wiki platforms, such as Wikipedia.

I am also interested in the application of new technologies in continuous and longlife learning. In this area, I participate in several projects entailing, both, the development of software tools and the production of contents for Android mobile devices which can be used in learning activities and in university teaching.

Of course, I am an absolute fan of Libre Software and FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) projects. Free as in Freedom !!