I'm working at GSyC/LibreSoft as sysadmin and research.

Since June 2008 I joined in projects related to design and architecture servers with virtualization technologies as Xen and KVM in Linux (such as OSO-R and Morfeo projects); zones/containers, logical domains and Crossbow in OpenSolaris (such as Gnome Hispano); and jails in FreeBSD.

Also I deployed mass storage systems with technologies as ZFS and cloud computing systems with OpenNebula.

Currently, I'm coordinating sysadmin team of Morfeo forge in charge of a high availability cluster and teaching Master on Libre Software.


  • OSO-R: Open Source Observatory/Repository for European public administrations
  • Morfeo: open source community designed to companies and public administrations
  • Gnome Hispano: Gnome spanish community
  • Master on Libre Software at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos







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