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Jderobot, technology that rocks has posted a new item, 'Video Surveillance HD:
Raspberrypi + PiCam + Android'

The video-surveillance field is active many years ago, but there is only
products that show image and little else. Its need to add intelligence to
surveillance tasks. We are committed to create technology to care for
people and avoid dangerous situations. For this we have created a surveillance
solution with high intelligence.
· Do you want to know if your baby stands or falls from the crib as soon as
possible? Even at night without lights?
· Do you want to know if your baby leaves the room game or leaves the house?
· Do you want to detect if someone is close to the cash register?
· Do you want to create alarms in 3D space to keep your staff safe?
We are working with intelligent sensors to detect these situations and send
alarms to the smartphone. These intelligent sensors allow us create 3D alarms
in a house/office and provide a safe environment 24 hours per day.
For the moment, the first prototype of surveillance shows how its possible
access to RaspBerryPi with PiCam using and Android tablet. We are using a
standar HD camera without night vision to offer a standar solution for daily
System features:

5 Megapixel Sensor 2592 x 1944
Supports 1080p30 / 720p60 / 640x480p Video
Wifi or Ethernet connection
Power supply with 5V  0.5A
Low cost
Portable and easy-handle
Android support: Tablet and smartphone
Ideal to office, homes, shops, neighborhoods, etc.
Easy-way to integrate with other systems through our REST Api

More info: http://www.pentalo.com/?q=content/surveillance

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