[JdeRobot] [jderobot] Possible error on CameraTask.h

Jose Antonio cbyte18 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 20:31:25 CET 2017

hi all

Compiling jderobot i found a possible bug that produces errors at this 
point. The error is in the line:

std::string*>>* requests;

Should be 
std::string> > requests;

To a good compilation, here is the diff of the change in y local

/git diff//
//diff --git a/src/libs/jderobotutil/CameraTask.h 
//index ec76b4b..5bcfe04 100644//
//--- a/src/libs/jderobotutil/CameraTask.h//
//+++ b/src/libs/jderobotutil/CameraTask.h//
//@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ class CameraTask: public IceUtil::Thread {//
//   jderobot::CameraDescriptionPtr cameraDescription;//
//   const jderobot::Camera* mycamera;//
//   IceUtil::Mutex requestsMutex;//
//- std::list<std::pair<jderobot::AMD_ImageProvider_getImageDataPtr, 
std::string>> requests;//
//+ std::list<std::pair<jderobot::AMD_ImageProvider_getImageDataPtr, 
std::string> > requests;//
//   int fps;//
//   bool _done;//
//   jderobot::ImageDataPtr reply/


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