[JdeRobot] adaptation to yaml

Aitor Martínez aitor.martinez.fernandez at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 09:46:52 CET 2017

Hi Alberto, 

jdrc =comm.init(cfg,"youtubeServer") 
ic = jdrc.getIc() 

endpoint = cfg.getProperty("youtubeServer.Endpoints")

adapter = ic.createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints("youtubeServer",endpoint)*

look [1] for more information about config library

if you use comm, make sure that, in yaml file, youtubeServer has a element
"Server" set to 1

regards, Aitor

[1] https://github.com/JdeRobot/JdeRobot/tree/master/src/libs/config_py/demo

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