[JdeRobot] GSoC 2020 Query and more

Karan Sheth karan.sheth at somaiya.edu
Tue Feb 18 14:54:40 CET 2020


My name is Karan Sheth, I am a Junior Year CS student with plans to go into
Robotics and Machine Learning. I am writing this mail regarding GSoC and
proposed Idea #8 - "Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving with
Gazebo and OpenAI gym". I would like to contribute to this project
regardless of its qualifying for GSoC or not.

Having said that, I would love it if it Qualifies for GSoC, so I just
wanted to ask if the programming challenges for the same are going to be
updated or not? Currently, 2019 ones are linked.
I have already installed JdeRobot, started playing around with and solving
exercises will write a mail to mentors to discuss the idea further soon.

Two Off-Topic Questions:
- The JdeRobot Mailing List archive linked at this
<https://gsyc.urjc.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/jde-developers> page
doesn't seem to be working for me, always gives "Forbidden", am I doing
something wrong here?
I found another link <http://jderobot-developer-list.2315034.n4.nabble.com/>
for archives at wiki.jderobot.org, is this the correct one?

- From the previous question coming to wiki.jderobot.org, currently, it is
very hard to navigate wiki.jderobot.org and I assume it's because JdeRobot
is porting to github.io.
But this currently makes many routes broken and also some backlinks from
websites such as GSoC are currently broken. (https://jderobot.org/GSoC-2019)
Having extensive experience in web dev and DevOps, I would also like to
help with this effort, so it would be great if someone could point me
in the right direction on what the goal is and current status.

I hope to contribute and work with y'all.

Karan Sheth

 <https://www.somaiya.edu>  .                           
<http://www.somaiya-ayurvihar.org>  <http://www.nareshwadi.org>  
<http://www.somaiya.org>  <http://www.helpachild.org.in>  
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