[JdeRobot] GSoC 2020 Query and more

JoseMaria CaƱas Plaza jmplaza at gsyc.es
Sat Feb 22 21:12:52 CET 2020

Hi Karan,

thanks for your interest in JdeRobot. Finally our organization has been
accepted for GSoC-2020. We will update soon the programming tests of our
candidate selection process for GSoC-2020. Feel free to directly contact
the potential mentors of the projects you are interesting in, in order to
better write your proposal.

The programming tests are required regardless the project, no candidate
will be accepted without them. The quality of the solutions are the most
important factor we take into account for selecting the candidates.

While we update the 2020 programming tests, maybe you may play with
JdeRobot Academy [3] performing some robotics exercises. Recording videos
with your exercise solutions and uploading them in a tweet
mentioning @JdeRobot would be nice too.

The right link to the archive of mailing list is [1], but there is
something wrong as you said, it is forbidden. I will take a look at it.
Anyway, there has been no much communication through the mailing list
lately, as most of it has been performed on the GitHub repositories,
through the issues and pull-requests.

Yes, wiki.jderobot.org is the old JdeRobot webpage. Now it is placed on
jderobot.github.io and https://jderobot.org is redirected there. Feel free
to report any bug in the organization webpage creating the corresponding
issue in this repo [2].


[1] https://gsyc.urjc.es/pipermail/jde-developers/
[2] https://github.com/JdeRobot/jderobot.github.io
[3] https://jderobot.github.io/RoboticsAcademy/

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 2:55 PM Karan Sheth <karan.sheth at somaiya.edu> wrote:

> Hey,
> My name is Karan Sheth, I am a Junior Year CS student with plans to go
> into Robotics and Machine Learning. I am writing this mail regarding GSoC
> and proposed Idea #8 - "Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Driving with
> Gazebo and OpenAI gym". I would like to contribute to this project
> regardless of its qualifying for GSoC or not.
> Having said that, I would love it if it Qualifies for GSoC, so I just
> wanted to ask if the programming challenges for the same are going to be
> updated or not? Currently, 2019 ones are linked.
> I have already installed JdeRobot, started playing around with and solving
> exercises will write a mail to mentors to discuss the idea further soon.
> Two Off-Topic Questions:
> - The JdeRobot Mailing List archive linked at this
> <https://gsyc.urjc.es/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/jde-developers> page
> doesn't seem to be working for me, always gives "Forbidden", am I doing
> something wrong here?
> I found another link
> <http://jderobot-developer-list.2315034.n4.nabble.com/> for archives at
> wiki.jderobot.org, is this the correct one?
> - From the previous question coming to wiki.jderobot.org, currently, it
> is very hard to navigate wiki.jderobot.org and I assume it's because
> JdeRobot is porting to github.io.
> But this currently makes many routes broken and also some backlinks from
> websites such as GSoC are currently broken. (
> https://jderobot.org/GSoC-2019)
> Having extensive experience in web dev and DevOps, I would also like to
> help with this effort, so it would be great if someone could point me
> in the right direction on what the goal is and current status.
> I hope to contribute and work with y'all.
> Thanks,
> Karan Sheth
> <https://www.somaiya.edu>  .
> <http://www.somaiya-ayurvihar.org>  <http://www.nareshwadi.org>
> <http://www.somaiya.org>  <http://www.helpachild.org.in>
> <http://www.nareshwadi.org>
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