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Vivek Choudhary choudhary.vivek98 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 29 07:11:16 CET 2020

Hi guys,

I'm Vivek, fourth(final) year computer science student from "The Northcap
I'm excited that JdeRobot has once again taken part in Gsoc.

I'm pleased to share my idea in context to *Project#4: Exercises on
Evolutionary Robotics.*

This project is quite similar to my proposal last year for this org but
wasn't selected, I'm glad that a project is already listed this year
similar to my interest.

Here is an excerpt from my last year's proposal, I would be glad to hear
from you regarding this:

*Objective*: The idea is to create an environment(multiplayer) where the
drones can compete for a common goal which is to capture the
towers(sprites) in the simulation and multiply the mini drone army from
each tower and try to destroy the adversary drones, players can apply
various algorithms like reinforced learning, genetic algorithm, etc. The
idea is derived from the online AI competition namely Halite [1].

Rules: the rules are as follows-

Each player enters the arena with one drone, and they generate an initial
population of mini-drones.

   1. Mini drones try to capture towers (empty or already captured).
   2. If opposite mini-drones collide they die immediately.
   3. The mini-drones can sacrifice themselves in order to destroy
   adversary drones.
   4. Drones’ max, min speeds, behavior, can be customized through the
   configuration file.

Infrastructure: The following could be the infrastructure of the game.

   - Main ship (Mother drone).
   - Mini (children) drones.
   - Gazebo simulated env.
   - A local game server (ROS implemented)

 [1]: https://halite.io/

looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
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