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Sat Feb 29 08:17:32 CET 2020

Thank you for your quick response Jose.

I'll keep the track of your points.

Kinds Regards,

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 12:28 PM JoseMaria Cañas Plaza <jmplaza at gsyc.es>

> Hi Vivek,
> thanks for your interest in JdeRobot organization. We are refining the
> programming tests for this year, stay tuned. The selection procedure for
> GSoC-2020 follows these steps: (1) perform the tests, (2) contact the
> mentors of the project you are interested in, they will help you to improve
> your proposal, (3) submit your proposal at GSoC webpage. You may also use
> and get familiar with JdeRobot software (for instance, Academy [1]), and
> start contributing in any project, despite we value long term contributions
> more than short term ones.
> In the selection process we take into account (a) the submitted
> programming tests, (b) the quality of student proposal, (c) the candidate
> Curriculum Vitae and (d) the final number of slots granted by GSoC.
> Unfortunately there are always less slots than candidates, the competition
> is international and hard, but you always have a chance!.
> Cheers,
> JoseMaria
> [1] https://jderobot.github.io/RoboticsAcademy/
> On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 7:11 AM Vivek Choudhary <
> choudhary.vivek98 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I'm Vivek, fourth(final) year computer science student from "The Northcap
>> University".
>> I'm excited that JdeRobot has once again taken part in Gsoc.
>> I'm pleased to share my idea in context to *Project#4: Exercises on
>> Evolutionary Robotics.*
>> This project is quite similar to my proposal last year for this org but
>> wasn't selected, I'm glad that a project is already listed this year
>> similar to my interest.
>> Here is an excerpt from my last year's proposal, I would be glad to hear
>> from you regarding this:
>> *Objective*: The idea is to create an environment(multiplayer) where the
>> drones can compete for a common goal which is to capture the
>> towers(sprites) in the simulation and multiply the mini drone army from
>> each tower and try to destroy the adversary drones, players can apply
>> various algorithms like reinforced learning, genetic algorithm, etc. The
>> idea is derived from the online AI competition namely Halite [1].
>> Rules: the rules are as follows-
>> Each player enters the arena with one drone, and they generate an initial
>> population of mini-drones.
>>    1. Mini drones try to capture towers (empty or already captured).
>>    2. If opposite mini-drones collide they die immediately.
>>    3. The mini-drones can sacrifice themselves in order to destroy
>>    adversary drones.
>>    4. Drones’ max, min speeds, behavior, can be customized through the
>>    configuration file.
>> Infrastructure: The following could be the infrastructure of the game.
>>    - Main ship (Mother drone).
>>    - Mini (children) drones.
>>    - Gazebo simulated env.
>>    - A local game server (ROS implemented)
>>  [1]: https://halite.io/
>> looking forward to hearing from you.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Vivek
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