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I am a final year student studying BE Hons in Mechatronics at the
University of Nottingham (Ningbo campus). I am currently looking forward to
contributing to a notable project this summer. I have extensive knowledge
and background on investigating Computer vision algorithms (especially in
the field of AI Vision). I am particularly interested in two projects given
on JdeRobot website : Project #1: Robotics Academy: new computer vision

I find this project to be more promising and more related to my interest to
contribute to.  So I was thinking to propose an extended objective for
these projects if we could meet the project requirements before the
deadline. I am good at Python, OpenCV, training ML models and TensorFlow.
So I can deep-dive into the project without having to do huge prior
readings. I will be graduating this June and will most likely be free. I
have attached my resume along with this mail. What I have in my mind is to
improve the project by giving a user-friendly GUI to try out various tiny
AI Vision algorithms, like single object detection, MNIST handwritten
detection, etc., And also can make a flow chart on how the current
algorithm works, if the time permits, we can develop something which makes
users to play with the algorithm by tweaking a flowchart.

Can you please let me know If I could discuss more about the project and
make a formal proposal and talk about the application process. Thank you
for your time.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vigneshwaren99-vicky/
Github: vicky-ml - Overview <https://github.com/vicky-ml>

Best Regards,
whatsapp number: +919003039814
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