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Subject: Gsoc project #1 Robotics Academy: new computer vision exercises
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Hi Eduardo Perdices and Ignacio Arranz,

I’m Muthu Kumaran. A current CS grad student currently pursuing my Master’s
at the university of Florida. I’m interested in the following project:

1.  Project #1: Robotics Academy: new computer vision exercises,

I have completed the Academy challenge and the python game of life
programming challenge. Currently working on finishing the C++ challenge
before drafting my proposal.  My interest revolve around deeplearning and
OpenCV. Currently working on a facial emotion recognition using macro
expressions as my side project.

I have few queries regarding this project, can you please clarify them for

1.    The goal of the project is mentioned as “to design and program
several Computer Vision exercises in JdeRobot Academy which cover an image
processing introductory course using real cameras.” Do we need to come up
with the exercises in the proposal draft or during the course of the gsoc
program or are there a set of exercises you already have in mind?

2.    If we have to come up with our exercises, what type of exercises are
accepted? Is any of the following exercises accepted - facial recognition,
object detection, Gait recognition, emotion recognition, fingerprint
recognition, OCR, Iris/retina recognition?

3.    What should be the end result? Do we need to work on creating a
Gazebo world for this project? Any other tips on the deliverables so that I
can split the timeline accordingly?


Muthu Kumaran

Github: https://github.com/altairpearl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/invokerk1771

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muthu-kumaran-manoharan/
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