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Subject: GSOC 2020 - Project #1 Questions
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Hi! My name it's David Venegas, I'm a computer science student at Buenos
Aires University and a Python Developer in IoT (part-time). My main areas
of Interest are Robotics, Computer Vision and IoT. I have participated in
robotics competition (Micromouse category) and I have been coding in python
for about 2 years now, and 3 in C++. I also have experience as teaching

Although I now I'm applying late this year to gsoc (first-time). I'm very
interested in JdeRobot Projects, especially the #1 regarding OpenCV
exercises for Robotics. I have been working on the challenges for the last
week but I have not submitted the google form yet as I'm still
finishing some small details. I didn't email you before as the instructions
said to first submit the challenges but I considered it time wise to reach
early due to the short time remaining and Spain timezone and daylight .

I would be making my proposal today, I wanted to first ask a few questions
to better understand the project scope and optimize my time to prepare the
best project possible.

First, I would like to know about the complexity scope and difficulty of
the exercises, I think the ideal will be going from easy to advanced, but
maybe you would like to start at intermediate. Would we be following the
standard as in https://jderobot.github.io/RoboticsAcademy/exercises/ ?

Would you like to add machine learning to some exercises? (segmentation for

I saw the expected outcome are Ros based exercises involving Computer
Vision but that Ros2 would be explored too. What would be your expectations
regarding Ros2? I know the basics of Ros2 and I also have some friends
working at OSRF. I though maybe it would be plausible to attempt an
exercise using it. I would love to hear your opinions.

Any other hint about the project scope would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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