I try (really) hard to keep this page up to date, but still, it is usually outdated :-(

Yet another proof of the second law of thermodynamics? To fight against it, now I maintain mainly links to where the action actually happens.

Teaching activities

Most of my teaching activities take place at the ETSIT of the URJC. You can have a look at my page at ETSIT-Moodle to learn about my courses (most are public, with all materials available).

Some more information about specific issues I'm deeply involved with:

Research activities

My main research line is currently the quantitative study of libre (free, open source) software development. My activities in that area ar included in those of the LibreSoft group (in its web site you can find detailed information about them).

Making activities

I also try to participate in some making activities. Among them, now I'm involved in making a company, Bitergia, rooted in our research activity at LibreSoft.

Thesis I've advised