Julio Vega 


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Room 118 - Dept.III
Department of Telematic
Systems and Computing
Rey Juan Carlos University
Camino del Molino, n.ยบ 5
28942 - Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
(+34)914888752 - Spain

Welcome to my webpage, the webpage of Julio M. Vega 'jmvega' Pérez. Associate Professor of Telematic Systems and Computing at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). PhD with distinction in Computer Science and A.I. by Universidad de Alicante (research also done at URJC), MEd in Teaching by URJC, BASc in Computer Science by Universidad de Extremadura and MSc in Computer Science by URJC, with studies also taken at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

I am the head of the Low-cost Robotics Group at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, which aims to develop low-cost robotic systems that provide a real solution to the needs posed by society.

My research covers a wide range of topics about Robotics. A part of it was carried out at York University of Canada, in different colleges of the University of Eastern Finland and at Southern Denmark University. At the beginning of my doctoral thesis research, I was working on a robust autonomous robot —previously developed as a guide-robot— which used a visual memory to navigate. These algorithms were finally integrated into a new educational framework and adapted to run in a robotic platform, called PiBot, which was completely developed from scratch. At present, I am mainly addressing my research on a low-cost multisensory system for non-invasive monitoring and indentification of the welfare of laboratory animals.

Since 2007.
Last (partial) update: Jun 20th, 2024.